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Adele Stevens (born July 29, 1969, in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England) is a British nude model and softcore adult actress. She is sometimes credited as Adelle Stephens, Adele Stephens, or simply as Adel.

She began her career as a Page 3 girl, then as a Ralph Lauren model. From there, Adele progressed to nude modeling, and then a number of boy/girl shoots which for the most part stop (just) short of showing penetration - although in some instances blowjob shots do seem to have crept in. Adele appeared in one true hardcore shoot, for Penthouse, but to the chagrin of her many fans no sex video of hers has appeared, nor any "cumshot" pictures.

The shortage of true hardcore involving Adele has led to some ingenious fakes appearing on the internet. These include an rumor that she has appeared in a hardcore interracial movie called "Black Widow". A fake video clip apparently showing her being fisted anally has also done the rounds.

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